Live streamed.

Home brewed.



Live homebrewing with professional brewers! is a live streaming homebrew show that explores the history of beer styles, discusses commercially available beers with the brewers who make them, and teaches new and experienced homebrewers how to brew better beer. The show is produced by Hopstories, a leader in Craft Beer video production, and hosted by Jesse Young, professional brewer and home brewing instructor.


Episode Schedule

We’re airing once per month on Saturday mornings. Stay tuned for upcoming events and full schedule by clicking the link below!

Next Episode - TBD August 2019!


Jesse Young is a homebrewing instructor (teaching as Abrosis School of Brewing) and professional brewer at Flying Bike Coop Brewery in Seattle Washington. He loves sharing the information he has learned over his years of brewing with new brewers and digging into styles and the history of beers.


Hopstories is a video production company that shares the philosophy and passion of craft breweries and the growing craft beer industry. We specialize in producing original videos and photography for our clients.

We have worked with a variety of established brands within the Pacific Northwest. We work with breweries, festivals, hop and malt growers, home brewers, beer archivists, and others to help fuel the industry, strengthening brands through visual media marketing.